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About Anaaj Valley.

Delicious, easy-to-prepare,
Asian-inspired dishes that
you can feel good about.

Anaaj Inc. is a name synonymous with the heritage of Pakistan. It is an aggregation of Quality, Customer Service, and competency. Anaaj Inc.’s parent company was established in 1947 by Mr. Muhammad Yousuf to set global standards.

It started off as a modest small-scale business in a rented warehouse. But today Anaaj Inc. is managed by the third generation of the family and has grown exponentially in to a large-scale business with in house state of the art processing plant.

Anaaj Inc. is one of the few companies that transforms raw seeds into finished and processed consumable food products in the house.

They have farms in different areas of Pakistan elected carefully based on the soil of that particular area in terms of fertility and suitability.

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality services. Our top most priority is to cater our clientele with professionalism, competency, efficiency, and courtesy while maintaining quality standard at its highest level.


Anaaj Valley aims to give you a unique food experience with all our products. We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients and ensure that all our products are easy to prepare. Our products come with the traditional aroma and taste that our customers love and appreciate.


Our food products are in line with the contemporary world all the while retaining the traditional values and flavor that ensure a wholesome experience for families all over the world. It is our utmost priority to bring you the best global food solutions – which we do by constantly improving our service, experience, and always exploring new ideas.

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