Biryani Paste

Biryani is a famous rice dish and commonly preferred with lamb or goat. Like Tikka, Biryani is also served and enjoyed at almost every sub-continental wedding event.

Ingredients Required:

  • Meat 1 Kg
  • Anaaj Valley™ Signature Basmati Rice 3 1⁄2 Cup (Washed & Soaked for 25-30 mins)
  • Onion 3 Medium/300 gm (Finely Sliced)
  • Tomatoes 3-4 Medium/300 gm
  • Potatoes 2 Medium/250 gm
  • Garlic and Garlic Paste 4 Table Spoon
  • Yogurt Plain 1 Cup /200 gm (Whipped)
  • Cooking Oil 1 Cup/175 ml
  • Biryani Paste 150 gm

Cooking Method:

  1. Thoroughly rinse and soak the rice in a small bowl for 25-30 mins for later use.
  2. Pour oil in a pan and let it heat, then fry sliced onions until the onions are light golden.
  3. Then add tomatoes and fry until oil separates.
  4. Then take a medium pot and mix meat, ginger and garlic paste, yogurt, potatoes and Biryani Paste.
  5. Then stir fry the mixture for 10 minutes.
  6. Then add water for gravy (Beef/goat 4 cups, Chicken 2 cups).
  7. Cover the pot and cook on low heat until meat is tender.
  8. Then increase heat and stir fry until oil separates from gravy.
  9. In a separate pan add 15 cups or 3 liters water, 3 tablespoons of salt, and soaked rice. Boil rice until 3⁄4 cooked.
  10. Then remove the rice and drain thoroughly.
  11. Then in the rice pot, spread half rice in pot and pour meat curry on top.
  12. The pour the remaining rice on top of the curry.
  13. Cover pot and cook on low heat until rice is fully cooked (5-10 minutes).
  14. Serve with salad and Anaaj Valley™ Pudina raita.

Pro tip:

Use breast, ribs and shoulder cuts for meat.

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